SVG Map of the Northeast States

Layer Visibility




About This Map

The Northeast States map is a simple demonstration of MI2SVG's converting points, lines, polygons and text from a MapInfo map window to a layered SVG document. In the original MapInfo map window, the lowest layer is the states regions. Above that are the Interstate highways polylines layer. The state capitols (points) layer is next, and at the top is a text layer of state capitol names.

Pan & Zoom options can be chosen from the flying menu that appears when you right-click in the map window. (Note: this feature is currently only available with Adobe's SVG plugin.) You can also use the keyboard when the cursor is on the map. To zoom in, hold down the Ctrl key and draw a box or left-click. To zoom out, hold down both the Ctrl and Shift keys and left-click. To pan the map, hold down the Alt key and drag the mouse.

Changing Layer Visibility - SVG allows you to group features together and operate on them as a single unit. With the help of some basic javascript, we can take advantage of this feature and provide checkboxes to toggle entire layers on and off. Examine the insides of this HTML file to see how this is done.

Limitations - MI2SVG doesn't translate everything you can display in MapInfo. Point objects are rendered only as small circles and auto labels and rotated text are not supported. Neither are pattern fills nor raster layers. Well, so what? MapInfo didn't do those things in its salad days either. But SVG is able to support those features and you can build on the MI2SVG source. Please share your improvements and be sure to visit from time to time to see new examples and learn more about this fascinating tool for online mapping!

© 2004 by Bill Thoen