Vertical Mapper

Vertical Mapper creates grids, or continuous surfaces of information, from point data by estimating values for cells between known points.

If you use location-based data — whatever industry or application need — you should be using MapInfo® Vertical MapperTM. Working seamlessly within MapInfo® Professional®, Vertical Mapper is unmatched as an effective tool to display, manage, and interpret spatial information.

MapInfo Vertical Mapper has a wide range of analysis tools that allow you to reveal trends in data; for example, a center for disease control can track the migration of an influenza virus across a region. Another asset is the software's unique prediction capabilities, whereby you can specify a test location and MapInfo Vertical Mapper will identify areas with statistically similar attributes. This means complex tasks such as analyzing all of the demographic and geographic variables used to locate a new retail outlet are reduced to a couple of mouse clicks.

No matter what field you are in (telecom, crime prevention, retail, health care, mineral exploration, to name a few), if you want answers from location-based data, you'll want MapInfo Vertical Mapper to find them. Derive new insight by turning your data investment into compelling, meaningful information to give your business the upper hand.

Create Grids

Vertical Mapper features modeling tools and a full suite of interpolators based on all standard estimation principles that let you build continuous surfaces, or grids, from existing point files or unmapped tables, regardless of data type. Easy-to-use wizards help novice users achieve meaningful answers while experienced mappers can adjust advanced settings to obtain more sophisticated results.

Vertical Mapper now includes 6 gridding algorithms:

In addition, Vertical Mapper now includes modeling options for:
Location Profiler
The Location Profiler computes and averages the distance to a series of points from anywhere within a map area.
Trade Area Analysis (for single or multiple areas)
Display Grids
Visualize trends in spatial information easily. Vertical Mapper grid colour settings define data variations and dynamic 3D rendering tools let you bring data to life. View multiple grids within the same scene, apply drapes to any open grid, and determine the degree of transparency for both grids and drape files. Vertical Mapper gives you a wealth of display options to generate impressive and intelligent data representations.
Analyze Grids
Enter a whole new world of geographic analysis made possible through grid technology. Whether you need to query and compare multiple layers of information, use complex mathematical expressions to create derivative grids, or perform line of sight analysis with the ViewShed function, Vertical Mapper had robust spatial analysis capabilities that help you gain new insight from your data.
Some functions you can apply to your grid data are: