Tools for MapInfo

These are working trial versions or demos of tools sold by GISnet.

MapBook - Map Series Generator

HexGrid - Create Hexagonal Grids

Rotate - Rotate map objects around arbitrary axes

Free Downloads

File Size Date Description 878K Sep 2013 Document and source code shows you how to find the index number of any node on a Pline in micro-seconds as opposed to minutes. 290K 12/07 Draws orthographic projections of Earth. Runs in MapInfo Professional 7.8 or higher. MapBasic source code included. 407K 05/05 Demo of how to call MS Access dialog forms from MapBasic and mappable objects from MS Access using DDE. Includes source code.
BrowseFolder.mb 7.1K 11/03 Mapbasic source code to present standard Windows "Browse for Folder" dialog.
CoordConv_HOWTO.txt 2.7K 01/03 How to convert coordinates from one projection system to another 6.5K 06/02 MapBasic code to list directories in dialog box. 16K 12/04 Distance tool example for MapXtreme 2004 in C#. 2.7K 06/02 MapBasic demostration using Euclid's technique of division using only integers. 13K 01/05 Import Excel spreadsheets in one step. MapBasic source code included. 14K 08/04 MapBasic library routines for accessing the Internet 1.6M 03/03 Iraq GIS data from CVGMAP. Shapefile format 1.5M 03/03 Iraq GIS Data from CVGMAP. MapInfo format 6.0K 10/04 Utility for printing a page of text on the MapInfo layout window. 225K 03/04 MapInfo to SVG data translator. Includes MapBasic source code. 4.9K 11/04 Find object node nearest to a point - FAST! Include MapBasic source. 3.8K 02/04 MapBasic code to enumerate printers on local machine. 165K 11/04 Demonstration of steganogrphy in MapInfo. This is a method for hiding information in the vectors of a map.