MapBook - Map Series Generator

MapBook is a tool you can use to automatically produce a series of larger scale maps from regional maps. The size and limits of the map series are determined by the polygonal cells of regular or irregular grids and the map scale you set.

Price: US$295

Summary of Features:

  • Generate Map Series: Automatically generate a series of maps corresponding to areas defined by regular or irregular grids.
  • Create Map Index Grids: Your map window defines the area to cover with map pages and you specify the cell width and height. MapBook then creates a grid table and automatically labels each cell.
  • Use Map Index Grids from other sources: You can use your own grid tables or create them from irregular grids such as PLSS sections. You can even use tables of similarly sized but non-contiguous polygons.
  • Customizable Map Page Layout: Map pages are viewed or printed using MapInfo Layouts, which you can create yourself. A number of dynamic variables can be placed on these layouts which are converted to page and adjacent page numbers, date, scale, and map limits on each output map page.
  • Preview Map Pages: View any map page interactively, and navigate your regional map page by page.
  • Batch Print Map Pages: Print all map pages or a selected range in one step.
  • Create Feature Index table: Create a tabular index of all or selected map features by page. If a feature layer is a recognized street table, then the address range of street segments in the page is included in the index.

MapBook Evaluation Download

The evaluation version of MapBook is a fully functioning version with the restriction that it only works with the sample data set. You can still create new grids and page layouts, as well as print pages.

Download Sites

Anonymous FTP:, get pub/


Upgrade Online

After evaluating MapBook and you decide that you want to use it on your own data, you can upgrade to the full version by following these steps:

The full version of MapBook costs US$295.00. We accept VISA, MasterCard and PayPal, or you can mail a check to:

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Technical Support

If you need more help with MapBook or wish to report a bug or suggest improvements, please contact GISnet Technical Support at:

Phone: 303-786-9961

1401 Walnut Street, Suite C
Boulder, Colorado 80302