MapInfo Professional New Features

OGC Functionality

Remote Database Connectivity Enhancements

Sharing MapInfo workspaces with MapXtreme 2004 based applications

Save MapInfo Professional Workspace as MapXtreme 2004 MWS format directly from MapInfo Professionals

Updated Version of the Universal Translator

Updated GPS tracking

The updated GPS tracker utility now includes USB port support and improved documentation.

Export data directly to CSV format

Customers working with MS Excel can now export data from MapInfo Professional directly to an industry standard format for further analysis.

New MrSID G3 raster format support

New AirPhoto USA raster format support

Text objects now support up to 2048 characters, up from 256

Split continues line at a point

This latest addition enables customers to quickly update existing Map data such as cable lines, utility pipes or electric lines that typically follow an existing road network.

Persist snap and thin values per table and retrieve in snap and thin dialog

Customers are able to save layer specific tolerances of node density and snapping of gaps with each layer and automatically retrieve it when in snap/thin mode. The capability removes the need to continuously remember to set the values for each layer.

COGO Line utility Improvements

Line Snap utility enhancements

New digitizing option continues auto trace mode

Ability to turn-on autotrace mode when creating map objects that border or follow existing road networks or geographic boundaries

Improved interface to quickly add custom symbols

New high color custom symbols added

Included on the CD, line style editor utility to create new line styles

New Projections

Dot density theme now supports any point size of square or circle shapes

Support of query tables in 3D prism maps

Enhanced rendering of 3D prism maps

Customers now can create a query by Select or SQL select dialog view the query results it in 3D prism map.

Distance calculator utility

Automatically find the longest and shortest distance (straight line) between records in two tables.

New Spider-graph utility

Utility to draw lines from point objects in one table to point objects of another table based on a common field.

Synchronize Map Windows

Utility to synchronize the zoom and/or pan of two or more map windows.

Search and Replace

Search for a string value in multiple columns within a table and replace it with another string value.

Support of Cartographic Scale

Ability to create maps both as unitless as well as unit based scale i.e. 1:50 as well as 1" = 4mi

Display field type dialog in MS Excel data import process

MapInfo Professional prompts the user to identify the field type of an Excel file when opening it directly in MapInfo Professional.

Custom range on MS Excel now automatically defaults to A2

New option to specify small or large legends

Improved legend defaults for existing workspaces

MapInfo ProViewer - Updated for ver 7.8

A freely downloadable workspace viewer program that enables other individuals in the organization to view MapInfo Workspaces.

What's New in MapBasic 7.8

New statements and functions

Enhanced statements