Public Land Survey System grid

Public Land Survey data that include section lines and township boundaries are available for 28 of the conterminous United States. Available coverage is shown in green in the map to the right.

Source data are the 1:100,000 scale USGS Digital Line Graph (DLG) data. The DLG data, in UTM coordinates, are made available by the USGS in 15-minute square tiles that are not edge-matched. These data were converted to latitude/longitude coordinates using the Clarke 1866 spheroid and then edited to produce uniform, seamless data sets on a state-by-state basis. Edge matching and polygon building along DLG tile boundaries was accomplished by automatically averaging point locations in adjacent tiles that were within 0.00007 degrees of each other. This automated process built well over 99 percent of tile boundary polygons. Tile boundary polygons that could not be built by this process were edited on a case by case basis with original tile boundary offsets preserved.

The PLSS data are completely attributed with respect to meridian, township, range, and section numbers. Also included are polygons for excluded areas such as land grants, donation land claims, and water bodies.

The data are available in either MapInfo TAB or Shapefile formats and are sold by state at $1395 per state. Other data formats and data subsets are available on request.

Check out the Free sample of PLSS data near Puget Sound.